Write For Us

One of the things we value here at WaterSportsFirst is space to hear other people’s stories & experiences. We want to know what experience you have gained in your life. You have a story or two to tell then please pull up a chair, grab a plate and a mug, we want to hear what you’ve got to say.

Writing for us you can share your knowledge and passion for what you do and help people make better decisions.

If you are interested, we will assign you products to review or if you know of a product we should have on our site, please suggest it. Currently we are looking for writers in these areas:

  • Paddle Boarding
  • Kayaking
  • Snorkeling and Scuba Diving
  • Skiing and Snowboarding
  • Fishing
  • Diving
  • Surfing
  • Snorkeling

Terms & Conditions

Please keep in mind the following terms & condition when sending your guest post-

  1. Article must be unique & Copyscape free
  2. Must be new, original and have not been published anywhere before
  3. No spam article will be published
  4. Image must be unique
  5. Article must be grammatically correct
  6. You may add relevant links
  7. Please make doc file of the article and then send it to us
  8. You may also send us author pic
  9. Image size should be 600 in width and 400 in height
  10. You can add only 1 link in the article body to your site. 

Each article must have at least one original photo. We usually aim for between 1000-2000 words, depending on the nature of the topic.