[TOP 5] Best Water Shoes for Women – (2022 Reviews & Guide)

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If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best water shoes for women is, then we recommend the Columbia Drainmaker Iii Trail Shoe as the best one.

When you hear the term “ water shoes ” you really can’t help but cringe at the thought of what they once looked like. The good news is that water shoes no longer look like they used too and they no longer offer that really impractical design. Water shoes today are protective footwear that an active person can easily wear in or out of the water.

The best water shoes for women have evolved into a combination of sneakers and sandals and are quickly gaining in popularity. The problem is figuring out the best water shoes for women among the numerous options.

Why you need water shoes

One of the most important things you need to realize about water shoes, is we are not talking about flip flops or even slides. Sure those shoes can be worn in the water and they do have a place in your life, but they are not the best water shoes for most water activities

Water shoes are designed for more demanding activities, such as boating, hiking, kayaking, etc. Water shoes are made to provide your feet with protection the surprises that lurk underneath the water’s surface. These shoes keep rocks and dirt out, while providing you with the protection your feet need.

One of the best things about water shoes today is they can often be used on land and water. How well they perform on land and in the water will depend on the model of the shoe, as well as the manufacturer.

The main purpose of a water shoe is to be worn in the water and we all know about wet shoes and traction issues. Water shoe manufacturer realize just how important it is to have a grippy sole in instances where you have slippery footing. Water shoes are designed to provide the wearer with above average traction.

There are two other things that a water shoe can provide that an ordinary hiking boot cannot. The first one being that water shoes are quick drying. Water shoes will not keep your feet dry, but they will dry out quicker than ordinary shoes so you are not sloshing around in wet shoes the rest of the day.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to water shoes is they won’t make your feet stink after being worn all day. We all know just how bad our feet smell after sloshing around in wet boots all day, but as water shoes offer great breathability and are quick drying that problem goes away.

Choosing the best water shoes for women

You want to purchase a high quality water shoe. You want to avoid cheap manufacturers that like to cut corners to help save on costs. Cheaper shoes will feel flimsy or feature irregular or sloppy stitching. Manufacturers of high quality water shoes will go the extra mile to produce high quality products that you can rely on.

A quality shoe is important, but so is choosing the right shoe for your specific activities. Different water activities call for different styles of water shoes. Here is a quick look at three major water activities and the type of shoe they require.

  • Kayaking:

The type of water shoe that you need will depend on what kind of kayaking you are going to be doing. If you do a lot of whitewater kayaking you need something that is going to protect your feet and provide plenty of traction in fact moving and rocky waters. More importantly you need a water shoe that is going to stay on your foot no matter what. If you do kayaking in flatwaters you want a quick, drying water shoe that is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

  • Boating/Fishing:

If you are going to be on a boat all day or standing on the shores you really need a water shoe that is going to be comfortable. If you plan to do a lot of standing or walking around on the boat you will want to look for something that also provides plenty of traction.

Look for water shoes with a rubber aggressive sole, sometimes referred to as a tacky sole. If you will be walking or wading in rocky water you need something that offers protection and traction. You also want something that won’t slip off your feet and will provide your foot with the support it needs.

  • Hiking:

If you are going on a long hiking trip you want a hiking boot, but for your quick trips water shoes are an excellent choice as they offer excellent breathability and are quick-drying. For hiking you want a water shoe that provides excellent protection, as well as a nice rugged sole.

You want to avoid water shoes that use elastic in the heel as the elastic can make it harder to keep your foot in place while hiking up steep hills.

You need a shoe that offers regular laces versus a pull-tab or even a slip-on style as the lace up design will provide your foot with better support on uneven terrain. Wet feet are more susceptible to blisters, so you need something that fits right and offers plenty of breathability.

Best Water Shoes for Women Reviews.

There are lots of water shoes for women could possibly choose from but we have done an expansive research to reduce the stress of choosing the best one available. We will be mentioning some of them in subsequent paragraphs.

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One of the first things you will notice with this water shoe is that it is designed to look like an outdoor running shoe. The best thing about this design though is it offers women a very versatile water shoe. The Columbia Drainmaker iii Trail Shoe is made for a variety of activities, both in and out of the water. The best part is how comfortable this shoe is to wear for the range of activities.

The Columbia Drainmaker iii Trail Shoe offers large midsole ports for water drainage. The ports are located on the heel and the forefoot and also allow for excellent air-flow. The shoe offers excellent cushioning in the form of a removable insole. The sides and upper part of the shoe are made from an open mesh material to allow for fast drying, but also adds to the breathability of the shoe. The rugged outsole provides excellent traction.


  • Ports for water drainage.
  • Quick drying.
  • Comfortable.
  • Rugged outsole


  • Holes may allow sand or small pebbles to enter

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Not all outdoor adventures require the use of a running style shoe, so the KEEN Women’s Whisper Sandals are an excellent alternative. One of the greatest things about this water shoe is that it offers a feminine specific style; it was really designed with women’s feet in mind.

The one concern many people have with sandals, even as water shoes, is their ability to protect the foot. The KEEN Women’s whisper Sandal protects your foot and especially your toes with its patented toe-protection design.

The water shoe might look like a slip on, but it offers a lacing system that is easy to put on and take off without sacrificing the fit of the shoe. The sole of the shoe offers a multidirectional lug pattern to offer better traction.

The flexible and lightweight midsole are designed to provide excellent support with superior cushioning. The midsole combined with the specially designed contoured footbed of the shoe make the KEEN Women’s Whisper Sandals one of the most comfortable water shoes on the market.


  • Closed toe protection.
  • Well designed footbed.
  • Quick drying.
  • Easy to adjust.


  • Narrow fit in the toe area.

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For those of you, who are looking for the perfect pair of vacation shoes that can also double as a water shoe, look no further than the Zhuanglin Women’s Mesh Slip-On water shoe. These shoes have so many great features that you really don’t want to miss out on.

Not only do these shoes outperform several other choices on the market, they are also a high quality. The Zhuanglin Women’s Mesh Slip-On Water Shoes are comfortable to wear, they fit nice and snug, and they provide the support that you are looking for.

Upon putting on the shoes you will immediately notice their lightweight design, which makes them as excellent option for several different water activities. The shoe offers a midfoot webbing system for maximum breathability.

Flex grooves not only provide comfort they improve the shoes range of motion. The mesh allows for quick and easy water removal, as well as better breathability ensuring the quick drying of the shoe.


  • Slip on design.
  • Flex grooves for better range of motion.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Great performance.


  • Holes allow for rocks and debris to enter.

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If you are looking for the best budget water shoe on the market, you need to look at the Speedo Women’s Hydro Comfort 4.0. This shoe is not only comfortable to wear, as it suggests right in the name, it is also exceptionally designed.

The shoe looks like a running shoe, but offers versatility and functionality. The shoe is made from rubber which gives the shoe a firm grip when you are moving in and out of water. The rubber not only provides excellent surface grip it also improves he durability of the shoe.

The Speedo Women’s Hydro Comfort 4.0 offers an easy adjustable lace up shoe with a slip-on design for easy wear. The laces offer a quick toggle adjustment for the perfect fit.

The drainage holes located throughout the shoe allow for faster drying, as the water has numerous places to drain. The sole inside the shoe is easily removed for easy washing. The versatile shoe offers stability in the water and on the ground.


  • Durable and long lasting design.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Drainage holes.
  • Toggle adjustment on laces.


  • Runs on the small side.

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Have you been looking for the perfect water shoes for a variety of water activities? If so look no further than the CIOR Quick Dry Water Sports Aqua Shoes as they are an excellent choice for a variety of water sports. The shoes can be used for boating or any boating related activities, as well as sailing or yoga thanks to their amazing features and characteristics.

The CIOR Quick Dry Water Sports Aqua Shoes offer a slip-on design for easy removal even while the shoe is still wet. The shoe offers drainage holes throughout that allow for the draining of all water for a faster drying time.

The rubber anti-slip sole of the shoe offers seven holes along the bottom for the best drainage.  The shoe is made from a breathable fabric with a smooth neck to prevent chafing. The rubber soles are thick enough to protect your feet from stones and sharp rocks.


  • Several colors and sizes available.
  • Slip-on design.
  • Drainage holes.
  • Anti-slip rubber sole.


  • Wear out rather quickly.


Choosing the best water shoes for women is not as simple as walking into a store and selecting the first pair of water shoes that you see. In order to get the best water shoes for women you need to find a high quality shoe that will work with the activities you take part in.

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