[TOP 5] Best Stand up Paddle Boards for Beginners – ( 2024 Reviews)

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If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best Stand Up Paddle Boards For Beginners is, then we recommend the Tower Adventurer 300 Cm Inflatable Paddle Board as the best one.

Choosing the right Paddle board can be integral in your seaside experience! The last thing you want when you’re on the waves is a lack of support from the board that you are on. But the market is so broad; it’s hard to know where to look and what to look for.

Is Paddleboarding dangerous?

Any water sports that involve the ocean are going to have an inherent danger to them. However, if you make sure to remember the general rules of engagement when it comes the beach you should find that you are safe. These general rules are something along the lines of:

  • Make sure you don’t stray too far out in the water.
  • Try and stay within the eye line of a lifeguard at all times.
  • Try and bring a companion that is a bit more experienced than yourself.
  • Take an adequate amount of breaks where you can rest.
  • Don’t dive into unknown waters, try and stay within the guidelines given by the lifeguard

If you follow these rules, then Paddleboarding is really no more dangerous than swimming or playing in the water.

What should I look for when buying a Paddleboard?

One of the things you should look for is what material your board is made out of. It it’s a classic board it’s probably made of laminate layers over a foam core. Inflatable Paddle boards are made of very tight nylon stitching. If it is an inflatable board, you may have to patch a leak in it at some point. Another thing to look for is the dimensions, the length, width and thickness of a board will definitely contribute to how the board handles on the water.

One of the main differences in Paddle boards is whether it is a displacement hull or a planing hull. Whereas the former is the choice for those who want a racing or fitness-centric Paddle board.

Do I need a different sized paddle board for different people?

The size board you need is really dependent on the weight of the person using it. Most Paddle boarders find that a general board of around 10’ is suitable for almost everyone weight-wise. If you 110kgs then it’s best you search out a Paddle board that is closer to 11’, as it will be able to hold you a bit easier.

What are the best conditions to Paddleboarding?

The biggest thing you have to check in terms of weather when hoping to use your board is the wind. If the wind builds up and becomes strong, then you can be sure that the waves will surely follow. The waves you are floating on will become choppier and this will make your job a whole lot harder, considering Paddle boarders prefer calm waters.

You don’t really want to go out in the rain, as this can make your board slippery, so avoid adverse weather conditions.

The other thing you need to look at is sunset and sunrise times. It almost goes without saying that Paddle boarding gets a whole lot harder once the sun goes down and it’s dark. You want to give lifeguards and emergency services the best chance of seeing you, and that would be in broad daylight!

What’s the difference between a Surfboard and a Paddle board?

Though they might look the same at a glance, Surfboards and Paddle boards are quite different! Whereas on Paddle boards, you generally spend most of your time standing up, wading your way through water calmly using your oar. In terms of Surfboards, you float to where some big waves are, and try to stand up off of the momentum the waves give you.

For this reason, you’ll find that Surfboards are a bit smaller and sleeker than Paddle boards.

Best Stand up Paddle Board for Beginners Reviews.

There are lots of stand up paddle boards for beginners could possibly choose from but we have done an expansive research to reduce the stress of choosing the best one available. We will be mentioning some of them in subsequent paragraphs.

​NIXY Beginners And Yoga Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board.​

This stylish board is inflatable which can really help storage, but feels like an authentic board with stiffness and durability. It comes with an amazing bundle of stuff that can help and support beginners.

With it’s eye-catching design, you are sure to look the part when you stand up on those waves! It also comes in three different colors, so you can definitely find a design that suits you.


  • Includes a handy travelling back pack with straps.
  • Ultra light board, utilising the best in drop-stitch technology.
  • Free return within 30 days, and 2-year warranty.


  • The board is definitely one of the more expensive models.
  • It can sometimes be quite difficult to pump up.

​>> Check Price on Amazon <<​

Aquaplanet 10ft Allround Stand Up Paddle Board.

Aquaplanet’s board provides a tough grip surface on top, and anti-flex stability band lining the side. For this reason, it could be fantastic for beginners just finding their feet on a board.

With a large detachable central fin on the underside, beginners and experienced boarders can find a manoeuvrability that is right for them, helping them to tackle whatever swells come their way.


  • Versatile board that can be used by boarders of all ages.
  • A really good price for a board and a beginner’s pack.
  • Adjustable aluminium handle can provide sturdiness and a unique support.


  • Can be tricky to get to full rigidity, effecting stability.
  • Zips aren’t very good quality on the zip bag.

>> Check Price on Amazon <<

Aquaplanet 10ft Allround Stand Up Paddle Board.

This board has an especially sculpted design, that can really help beginners who are just starting to find their balance and confidence in the water.

It’s sharp and stylish coloured appearance would be great for those that aren’t experts hoping to catch the eye of a lifeguard if anything goes wrong. The board inflates and deflates easily which would be great for those looking for a quick excursion onto the sea.


  • Equal to branded designs in a lot of respects, but is less financially damaging.
  • EVA traction pad provides added paddle grip.
  • Heat embossed board ensures a durable and sleek finish.


  • Manual not clear about inflation stage.
  • Not as compact as other designs, as inflation is arduous.

>> Check Price on Amazon <<

Tower Adventurer 300 Cm Inflatable Paddle Board.

This board has a 6” thickness, which would be great for beginners as it supplies a rigidness that is much more comparable to an authentic fibreglass board. The board deflates easily; this can be great for those that want to conserve space as it is around the size of a rolled up sleeping bag when it is deflated.

The designer wanted to make a board that completely replicated a hardboard, which is great for beginners looking to get a real experience out of their board.


  • 6” thickness which ensures a comfy ride without fear of bending or breakages.
  • Military grade materials used, making it durable enough to take a lot of weight.
  • Comes with 3-piece adjustable fibreglass paddle.


  • Some found it tipped slightly due to its length.
  • Not great quality stitching considering price.

>> Check Price on Amazon <<

GEEZY Inflatable 305cm SUP Stand Up Paddle Board.

This board has a great price for those looking to take up Paddleboarding as a fun hobby. It has a comfortable footpad made of anti-slip foam, which is perfect for those that are scared of their back leg slipping when they ride.

The board is also very lightweight when deflated, which is great for those taking a multitude of things for their beach day out. It comes with a rust-free ring, which is a fantastic characteristic for those looking to moor their board while they relax.


  • Comes in a bold selection of colours: red, blue or green.
  • Adjustable paddle to fit any rider.
  • Removable long-fin for added control and manoeuvrability.


  • Low maximum load at 100kg

​>> Check Price on Amazon <<​


In conclusion, the Tower Adventurer provides the best experiences for beginners out of these 5 choices. The added thickness gives new riders the safety and steadiness of a real board, which can be a real support for those that are feeling a bit shaky about getting on the board and standing up.

The military grade materials make the board suitable for the toughest of weather conditions that might take you by surprise. The large fin is easily detachable, and the pump is high quality won’t break after regular use. Though the board is on the pricier side, if beginners won’t the support of a high-quality board, the Tower Adventurer is a perfect companion.

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